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Paradigm Shift – Meet Dr. Carolyn Messere

Tools of scalpels, stitches and prescriptions.

Now she has traded those for simpler method including nutrition, detoxification and emotional freedom techniques.

Her heart has always been in the same position of love and serving others, but the depth of her toolbox has changed dramatically.  Dr. Carolyn has

  • Tuesday, September 4th
  • 6-7 PM
  • LIFEstrength Health Center – 4280 Tamiami Trl E, Ste 102, Naples, FL 34112

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Paradigm Shift – Meet Dr. Carolyn

Scalpels, stitches, and prescriptions. Dr. Carolyn has major credentials as a colon and rectal surgeon, including two board certifications.

Those tools served her well for many years, but now the depth of her toolbox has changed dramatically.

Her heart has never swayed from the position of loving and serving others. She’s just traded those impersonal tools for simpler methods including deep listening, nutrition, detoxification, and emotional freedom techniques.

  • Tuesday, September 18th
  • 6-7 PM
  • LIFEstrength Health Center – 4280 Tamiami Trl E, Ste 102, Naples, FL 34112
  • Simple and healthy snacks will be provided

Learn why she made the massive paradigm shift for herself and how it has been working for her own health and outlook on life.  Wondering how she can help you and your family accomplish the same?

Come and join us for FREE!  Call 239-774-5433 to reserve your spot.

LIFEstrength’s Biggest Transformation Yet …

LIFEstrength Health Center has been open for 8 years!

We’ve gone through some changes over the years, and more than anything else, I’d like to “thank you” for your continued love and support. I honestly feel that some of the best people in all the world have walked into our doors, and we would never have made it this far without you.

When I was fresh out of school in 2009, I quickly learned how amazing chiropractic was at unlocking the great healing potential of each patient. People saw incredible results. They shed weight, overcame labels of disease, found new levels of energy and reconnected with a life of happiness. But I also realized there was a lot more to getting people well than just chiropractic.

If someone got adjusted, but went right back to the stress of work after the appointment…did we make a huge difference? If they continued to be inactive and not exercise? If they stopped at the fast food drive-thru a couple times week? If they were exposed to chemicals as they cleaned their house? I wanted to find new ways to help people get well and stay well. I wanted to equip people with knowledge to avoid the pitfalls of our modern society. Read more

Happy Thanksgiving

I can’t believe it is that time again!

It seems that each year is going by faster and faster as our family grows … it’s a life full of craziness to enjoy.

This year, we added a new baby girl into our family, Kai Olivia. We are beyond blessed and thankful to have her, our two boys, our marriage and our health. This Thanksgiving, we plan on taking time away from the normal obligations of life to relax, settle in and reflect on the year. We plan on having some quiet time to restore balance, highlight the relationships in our life that give us energy and strength and to work on minimizing the ones and/or things that drain our happiness. We plan on praising our healthy bodies for meeting the demands of all we ask it to endure each day! We plan on thanking God for all the gifts he has given us this past year.

As we all enjoy some time away from work, we hope you take a few extra minutes to thank the ones you love, including yourself.

LIFEstrength Health Center will be CLOSED;

  • Thursday, November 24th
  • Friday, November 25th

We will reopen for normal hours on Monday, November 27th. As always, thank you for your support!

LIFEstrength Health Center Partners with Feather Foot Farms

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Feather Foot Farms to offer premium, handmade and natural products to SWFL.

We met the owner and founder of Feather Foot Farms, Briana Marino, several years ago and have always been amazed at her knowledge and hands-on approach to life. Briana and her husband Greg have always been DIYers at heart, even raising their own chickens and goats on an urban farm in the middle of Naples. But after having their first child, Blake, and having difficulty finding all the safe and chemical free products they desired, the two of them decided to venture into making products on a bigger scale. It was a perfect fit for LIFEstrength to team up with them.

Here is a little about the special powers of the new Feather Foot Farm products;

Charcoal Soap

A smooth blend of hemp milk and essential oils, this soap is an instant hit. The activated charcoal is the main attraction though, as it is the ingredient doing all the dirty work. Activated charcoal adsorbs grease, grime, bacteria and more from your skin to prevent re-absorption and irritation. Adsorption (with a D!) is different than absorption (with a B). The one with a D actually chemically binds and adheres to the stuff you don’t want around anymore, you’re able to permanently detox. This is versus the one with a B, which has more of an affinity or attraction and can easily be broken apart; much like wringing water out of a sponge … under stress they part ways.

Stuff You Wont Miss– SLS, DEA and Propylene Glycol, fragrances and perfumes and preservatives.

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Survival Guide to Natural Cures

It’s a big world out there …

Some folks say that vitamins and supplements could lead to premature death. Some people are citing research that coconut oil is bad for you.

Others swear by natural remedies as a way to make it through the grind of life.

Who are you to believe? Where do you even start?

Join Dr. Cade Copeland and Jill Dixon for an event promising to show you exactly the things in the natural world that are healthy choices. Because, let’s be honest, there plenty of things marketing as natural and healthy that really aren’t. Don’t be fooled, learn how to write a solid survival guide of natural remedies for the entire family!


Updated Office Hours

We are close to celebrating our 7 year anniversary of LIFEstrength Health Center. In November 2010, with my beautiful and supportive (and scared!) wife by my side, we were eager to open our doors and start serving Naples.

I am proud to say that we’ve met some amazing people over the years both inside our four walls and out in the community. Those folks have helped us adapt and evolve into a better office, offer better products, and grow our services. It hasn’t been easy, but being simultaneously encouraged and challenged to grow is a rewarding experience.

So, through the years, LIFEstrength has changed … a lot.

The next change that we share with our beloved office family comes from a struggle that I’ve had from the start; balance.

The updated office hours that I’m presenting are a sign of a bigger shift that must take place for us personally and professionally. Along with our new hours, we are also implementing some new office policies, including all visits being by appointment only. We’ve been changing this over the last 12 months with new patients, but are finally making it official for everyone. Starting immediately after closing Monday, September 4th in honor of Labor Day, here are the new hours;

Monday – 9-5:30

Tuesday – 11-3

Wednesday – 9-5:30

Thursday – 9-5:30

Friday – CLOSED

These new hours will allow us to serve you more efficiently, especially over the lunch hour. Hopefully, they’ll also allow me to get home before my kids go to bed!

As always, we love having the opportunity to be your family’s doctor. For more information or questions, call the office at 239-774-5433.

Build Your Medicine Cabinet Naturally – Starting at the Basics

Build Your Medicine Cabinet Naturally – Starting at the Basics

I’ve been meaning to write this article for some time, after all it answers many of the questions that I get daily over the last 7 years of practice!

This could easily be pages and pages longer, but it is meant to be a starting point to help you and your family build a safe and effective way to use natural remedies around the house. If I’ve learned anything in my experience with natural remedies, the sooner you start using them in defense of something, the more effective they seem to be. In other words, have them around the house and don’t be afraid to use them!

This is the first in a series of four, and includes the basics for both adults and pediatrics. The other articles will include first aid support, immune support, and random natural remedies.

Of course, there are many more things to have in your toolbox than what I’ve listed below. Regular chiropractic, restful sleep, a healthy, local, organic diet and time spent being active go a long way. But, here are some supplements that will help give you that well-deserved boost;

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Eat to Live on August 16th, 2017

Modern recommendations have put a focus on convenient and cheap food at all measures. But is it really worth the cost and burden on our health?

Come join us and learn the way food ought to be…

Dr. Cade will be covering the following topics:

– Quick and Easy Shopping Guide
– The Truth About Labels and Marketing
– Junk Foods for Healthy People
– Heal Your Gut and Improved Energy
– Balance Hormones and Perform Better

Tickets are $20 (free for mom’s of the Family Birth Center), call 239-774-5433 to reserve your spot!

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