LIFEstrength Health Center Partners with Feather Foot Farms

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Feather Foot Farms to offer premium, handmade and natural products to SWFL.

We met the owner and founder of Feather Foot Farms, Briana Marino, several years ago and have always been amazed at her knowledge and hands-on approach to life. Briana and her husband Greg have always been DIYers at heart, even raising their own chickens and goats on an urban farm in the middle of Naples. But after having their first child, Blake, and having difficulty finding all the safe and chemical free products they desired, the two of them decided to venture into making products on a bigger scale. It was a perfect fit for LIFEstrength to team up with them.

Here is a little about the special powers of the new Feather Foot Farm products;

Charcoal Soap

A smooth blend of hemp milk and essential oils, this soap is an instant hit. The activated charcoal is the main attraction though, as it is the ingredient doing all the dirty work. Activated charcoal adsorbs grease, grime, bacteria and more from your skin to prevent re-absorption and irritation. Adsorption (with a D!) is different than absorption (with a B). The one with a D actually chemically binds and adheres to the stuff you don’t want around anymore, you’re able to permanently detox. This is versus the one with a B, which has more of an affinity or attraction and can easily be broken apart; much like wringing water out of a sponge … under stress they part ways.

Stuff You Wont Miss– SLS, DEA and Propylene Glycol, fragrances and perfumes and preservatives.

Diaper Rash Cream

While the name may lead you to believe this is only for the little ones, everyone in our household uses it almost daily. From cuts and scrapes, burns, bites, skin reactions and more, this stuff is indispensable. Antibacterial healing properties come from shea butter, coconut and essentials oils, lasting protection with non-nano zinc oxide and cooling from the witch hazel. The real star of the show however, is the bentonite clay. This compound has the ability to draw the sting, pain, and inflammation out of the affected area. When we start to think about what is actually happening with the application of this diaper rash cream, it has the ability to help much more than a diaper rash!

Stuff You Wont Miss– Petroleum derived ingredients and low-grade antibiotics like Triclosan

Black Drawing Salve

This magical potion has been used in ancestral times and across cultural lines to draw out splinters, glass or other small things that can accidentally get lodged into the skin. Clean the area, use a generous amount and cover with gauze; within a day or two this stuff works wonders. As a reminder, this is a little different than the diaper rash cream in that its sole purpose is to draw; simply get the junk out of the way and allow the body to heal itself. It can be used in conjunction with the rash cream or essential oils blends to improve its effectiveness. There are other black salves made famous through pulling out cancer, skin tags, and moles, but those have more aggressive ingredients like bloodroot and zinc chloride that this formula doesn’t have.


Living in Naples, FL being in the sun is a part of everyday life. Of course, the heat causes our pores to open and the sweat to come through. Commercial sunscreens take advantage of this natural process by escorting in the dangerous chemicals right through the skin. This version negates all of the dangerous chemicals for a convenient and safe package that acts more as a sunblock with the non-nano zinc oxide. Shea butter and beeswax work to moisturize the skin, preventing it from drying out in the sun and accelerating the burning process.

Stuff You Wont Miss – Synthetic and dangerous active ingredients like octocrylene, homosalate, oxybenzone, avobenzene.

We hope you find these new products as amazing as we do! Each one is made with love and with you in mind; all of the great, healing ingredients straight from nature without any of the synthetic compromises youd find somewhere else. We are fully in stock with Feather Foot Farms latest and greatest and cant wait to hear your feedback.

Learn more about Briana and the Marino family at her website,

Build Your Medicine Cabinet Naturally – Starting at the Basics

Build Your Medicine Cabinet Naturally – Starting at the Basics

I’ve been meaning to write this article for some time, after all it answers many of the questions that I get daily over the last 7 years of practice!

This could easily be pages and pages longer, but it is meant to be a starting point to help you and your family build a safe and effective way to use natural remedies around the house. If I’ve learned anything in my experience with natural remedies, the sooner you start using them in defense of something, the more effective they seem to be. In other words, have them around the house and don’t be afraid to use them!

This is the first in a series of four, and includes the basics for both adults and pediatrics. The other articles will include first aid support, immune support, and random natural remedies.

Of course, there are many more things to have in your toolbox than what I’ve listed below. Regular chiropractic, restful sleep, a healthy, local, organic diet and time spent being active go a long way. But, here are some supplements that will help give you that well-deserved boost;


THE BASICS – Adult Natural Remedies

  • Probiotics– Immune health, brain and mental health, digestive health, skin health … there literally isn’t a place in your body that is not positively affected by introducing good bacteria. I think variety is best, so rotate between a few brands every other bottle or so to keep things fresh. I think Prescript Assist, Organixx ProBiotixx, and MegaSporeBiotic are great choices to have in your lineup. If you’ve recently been through a stint of antibiotics or have some serious issues to work through, Xymogen’s ProbioMax 350 DF and Garden of Life’s Primal Defense are much more potent.
  • Vitamin C– Very affordable and incredibly effective, this needs to be a staple in your daily routine to help keep your immune system firing on all cylinders. 1,000 mg daily dosing is the low end for adults, but playing around with how you respond to higher levels is a great way to optimize your health. There are many different forms, but our favorite is Lipo Natural’s Liposomal Vitamin C but beware of the taste! If you’re more a capsule person, Pure Synergy’s Pure Radiance C or Healthforce’s Truly Natural C are excellent, whole food forms.
  • Vitamin D3– Lots of options to get it, especially if you live in Naples, Florida like us! Since D3 is so important, ideally you’d have your specific blood levels tested to know exactly how much you may or may not need for supplementation. I really like Garden of Life’s RAW D3, mykind Organic’s chewable D3, or Megafoods D3. All of these are sourced from food sources, not made in a lab. If you don’t have your specific blood levels, taking between 3,000 to 5,000 IUs daily is recommended.
  • Greens Powder– Most folks aren’t getting enough fresh fruits and veggies in even though we have more access to them than ever before! Having a greens powder acts as a safety net and takes some stress off of having a perfect diet.Dynamic Fruits and Greens, Garden of Life Superfood Powder, or even tiny tablets of algea called Energy Bits would be at the top of the list. My wife and I love mixing a some of the “Espresso” flavor Dynamic Fruits and Greens into our morning smoothie with some coffee and chocolate protein powder, YUM!
  • Energy – Our modern world demands more and more from us, but the promise of technology making things easier never seems to come to fruition! Maybe its just me? The antioxidants, mitochondrial support and anti-inflammatory help from these supplements are crucial to minimize the effects of our stressful lives. MitoThera from Prothera, Mito2Max from doTERRA, Xymogen’s Brain Sustain and eNRG from Systemic Forumulas have all been game changers from many parents / athletes / business owners and other patients of LIFEstrength Health Center over the years.


THE BASICS – Pediatric Natural Remedies

  • Probiotics– Colic, weakened immune systems, ear infections, ADD / ADHD and learning disabilities can all be supported with consistent probiotics usage. For infants, Klaire Lab’s Infant probiotics in a powder form is excellent and Klaire Lab’s Childrens Chewable probiotics are great choices, although both need to be kept cold at all times … including shipping. Introducing fermented foods like sauerkraut or kombucha at a young age is super smart too! Not all brands are created equal, choosing a quality product is key for best results.
  • Vitamin C– 1,000 mg daily dosing is the start for kiddos too, but I would recommend going up at the first sign of any sickness. Vitamin C dosing introduces bowel tolerance, meaning you can only do so much at once or else … tummy aches and diarrhea. It’s OK, the body is just getting it out! Lipo Natural’s Liposomal Vitamin C, but Healthforce’s Truly Natural C and Thorne’s Buffered C are both in powdered form if that is easier to hide in a smoothie for your kiddos.
  • Vitamin D3– Get those kids in the sun more, seriously, and stop using all that toxic sunscreen (that’s a topic for another day)! mykind Organic’s liquid or chewable D3 for the kiddos at about 3,000 IUs daily are perfect, food-based supplements. Bump up with the vitamin C at the first sign of sickness.
  • Greens Powder– Picky eaters are common with kiddos and a greens powder is there to silence your fears as a parent. The Berry flavor from Dynamic Fruits and Greens provides 20+ servings packed into a great tasting powder you can mix into water, applesauce, smoothie or more for instant approval. YUM!
  • Calming –We talked about boosting energy with adults, but lets talk about things that can help calm our little ones. Bioray makes a liquid probiotics / cleansing blend called Sleepy, Calm, and Happy that we’ve personally and professionally seen great results with. Essential oils like Lavender, Vetiver or blends like Serenity can be applied topically with a carrier oil or diffused in the air 30-60 minutes before bedtime.


At the end of the day, this list could grow and grow. I want you to know that these helpful tips and products are just pieces to the puzzle that is health. Supporting a whole body, whole life approach is the key to health and happiness for all ages. No matter where you are at now, your health future can be greater than your health history.

As always, reach out to Dr. Cade and LIFEstrength Health Center for more help or questions at 239-774-5433.

Find Help With Colic (naturally)

So, youve got some really bad stomach pain. You have a bit of a headache. Sleep well that is not working out too well because of the pain. Because of all that, you’re not in the best mood. And, to top it off, every time you try and let someone know, they are not listening or helping!

To be honest, I would cry, would you?

For many newborns, this is how they start life in the first few months. For many new parents, the frustration can be overwhelming.As a father of 3 little ones, Ive felt the most helpless when Ive failed to calm my children.


Years ago, colic was first thought to be merely indigestion. The most widely accepted definition of colic today is unexplainable and uncontrollable crying in babies from 0 to 3 months old, more than 3 hours a day, more than 3 days a week for 3 weeks or more, usually in the afternoon and evening hours.

Does this sound familiar in your household or someone you love?

In the conventional medicine world, things still haven’t progressed much further than this way of thinking. A quick search online shows that there isn’t much help, other than waiting it out or is there?

What is the Root Cause?

The cause of colic is usually multifactorial and the issues that I see in practice most are food sensitivities, digestive stress and nerve system irritation from the birthing process.

This list below of easy, natural methods have a great track record in helping babies and parents who are suffering with colic.


  • Food? The food that mom is eating determines the quality of the breast milk like fat and protein content and more. For best results, the first things to eliminate from moms diet are dairy, eggs, grains, raw veggies, spicy foods, nuts and seeds, and caffeine. What the heck is left !? I usually recommend starting one by one, keeping that particular item out of rotation for up to 2 weeks and seeing how baby responds before moving on to the next.
  • Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes The bacterial balance in moms gut one of the most pivotal factors in a newborns health. Up opportunity for positive changes using Prescript Assist probiotics for mom and a digestive enzyme like Digest Gold.
  • Leaky Gut? Leaky gut has been gaining momentum for years now, and if you havent had a chance to get tested or take action to correct it, it may be the missing piece to babys colic and your health woes.? This one is huge!
  • Stress? The silent killer, if moms stress level is high (you just had a baby, cmon!) it will change the composition of the milk, moms bacterial balance and energy levels that baby can sense. There are a million ways to go about this one, but finding a balance in your life with a newborn isnt easy. Finding support from your spouse, family, a community of like-minded folks to meditation and prayer are all great places to start.


  • Breastmilk vs. Formula? Nursing is the best choice, but it doesnt always work out the best. If you must use a formula, choose a natural one and get familiar with all the ingredients. Many parents that Ive met over the years have been unable to nurse for various reasons, so Ive developed a formula based from local goat milk and fortified to match breastmilk as closely as possible.You can email the office for the recipe at
  • Probiotics? Yes, you should be giving baby probiotics right from the start theyre that important in building a healthy foundation. We use Klaire Labs Infant probiotics; they come in a powder and are somewhat easy to give baby. Make sure you buy them / ship them cold!
  • Massage? For a baby! Absolutely, and youll both enjoy every minute of it. One of the best options for colic is the I Love You that focuses on increasing the motility of the digestive tract. Use some gentle, unprocessed and organic oils like coconut or jojoba.
  • Essential Oils Hidden in the some of the most unique spots in nature, essential oils have been safely used for hundreds of years. Who would have thought that the oil from tea trees has antibiotic effects or the sap from boswellia trees have anti mutagenic effects? Getting back to colic, essential oils like lavender, chamomile, fennel, ginger, and anise can all have calming effects on the gut. You can get those separate or buying a blend from someone like doTERRA or Young Living may be easier As always use guidance with oils, my favorite resource is The Essential Life book.


Finally, we get to the item that simply cannot be missed. Pediatric chiropractic care is even more important that everything I listed above for colicky babies. Why?

  • The nerve system controls health and healing in all the other systems of the body including the digestive and muscular system.?? By removing irritation and interference from the nerve system, it allows the others systems to function properly. That means proper communication to control digestion, absorption and waste / excretion.? The muscular system includes the muscular sphincters of the stomach and gut, controlling the speed or motility as the milk passes through.
  • The birthing process put a tremendous strain on baby with both natural / vaginal birth and C-sections.? The rotation of head, while necessary to come through the birth canal, is estimated to leave an impact on almost all newborns,
  • Colic symptoms could be the sign of something bigger.
  • The research supports it.
  • It is safe, gentle and incredibly effective. Thousands of new parents in our office alone have sworn by the results over the years and thousands more in pediatric chiropractic offices around the globe.

Many think of chiropractic as a quick fix for pain or headaches. Ill never forget when I first understood that chiropractic is all about the nerve system; I made a promise to share that with everyone I met going forward.

I hope this article helped you and your family, especially if youre looking to stay away from medicine, help your little one get healthier naturally and to promote a lifetime of family wellness.

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