Working with Functional Medicine and as a Chiropractor for the past 5 years has been a blessing. Ive helped people locally in Naples, FL and beyond; my wife and I have even traveled to London for the 2012 Olympics helping U.S. athletes win gold.

In my personal and professional experiences Ive learned one big lesson, our greatest gift is our health. Sickness and disease doesn’t discriminate against any labels, from the color of your skin to the size of your bank account. Without our health, we lose everything we hold dear in this world.

However, Ive noticed that every time I went to a doctor, the focus is was on my sickness rather than my health. From my experiences, I needed to fill out a health history form focusing on all the illnesses I had been diagnosed with. It even asked what my parents or grandparents have been diagnosed with. I understand history is important, but I believe that our health future is greater than our health history. I believe that you and I were created to be healthy.

In my practice, Ive seen people beat the odds that were once told they could never get pregnant, never get off medications, and even not live another 6 months due to a medical diagnosis. The biggest reason that I see people restore their health is because my job is to get to the root cause of sickness, not simply treat the symptoms.

The tools I use share a common purpose of health restoration; cellular detoxification, metabolic conditioning, whole food nutrition and supplementation, spinal correction, and the support to see the big picture. If you are currently sick, its not due to back luck or bad genes, and your certainly not plagued with it forever! Instead of treating the symptoms, its my philosophy to ask why they are happening in the first place.

As a husband and a father, my goal is to raise a healthy family including physically, mentally and spiritually. As a doctor, my goal is to change the current status quo by helping the community restore and maintain true, lasting health naturally.

I am dedicated to providing you and your family the safest, most effective, cutting-edge therapies available in the natural health world. ?I have made it a priority to practice what I preach; if my family hasnt gone through it already, we wont ask you to do something we wouldnt do ourselves.

I understand that health isn’t a one size fits all solution and my practice with both groups and individuals reflects that. Ive created this site as a place to connect and learn more about my style of healthcare and chiropractic. My blog serves as a foundation to the timeless principles of health that can be applied to the whole family. The resources tab is a place to learn about other respected professionals in this industry and products I personally use and recommend. And lastly, the connect tab is a place where you can ask questions, book a talk for your business or church, and even connect via Skype for those that cant visit the clinic in person.

Whatever reason brings you to this site, I hope you find what you need.

God Bless!

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