Beat Ear Infections Naturally

Common, but NOT Normal.

Some estimates say that nearly 80% of our little ones will suffer from an ear infection before the age of 2, and many of them suffering from multiple infections. That’s a lot of pain, frustration and … antibiotics.

These types of infections are so common now that many of the parents I meet have a feeling that it is “normal” for their kids to join the ranks and get an infection. Well, as we see in so many other health statistics in our nation, just because something is common doesn’t mean it is normal.

Typical Treatment Options Aren’t Working

As a father myself, I understand the horrific idea of a child in pain. So, when an infection does happen, getting relief is important. But, the treatment we’re doing in our modern world is the same we’ve done for decades … treating the effects instead of addressing the cause. That means waving goodbye to the pediatrician with a prescription of antibiotics. Have you been there before?

How well is that working out for us?

What Really Causes Ear Infections?

This is where things get interesting. IF we actually ask this question, the story that most parents are hearing is something related to bad luck, bad genetics, or even “bad design” of the Eustachian tubes draining the inner ear to the bad of the throat. The problem is much bigger than that and we’ve been caring for kiddos over the last 7 years with these common grounds;

What Can I Do?

This one is pretty easy! It all starts with seeing things differently, being properly armed for prevention, staying calm if it does happen. Here is my list;

  1. Have your child checked by a trained Pediatric Chiropractor for nerve system interference and irritation.
  2. Clean up nutrition by removing grains, dairy, and sugar ASAP. We hold a nutrition class called Eat to Live monthly, look to our Facebook page for more details on the next event.
  3. Minimize exposure to toxins in food, drinks, air, cleaning and personal care products.
  4. Limit use of medications by using on an emergency basis only. That line has gotten very “fuzzy” over the years, so make sure you’re getting more than one professional opinion for your little one.

Top Supplements for Ear Infections

I figured you’d want a little more, so here are the top 5 supplements you can give your little one to ease the pain of a current infection.


LIFEstrength Health Center and Dr. Cade are dedicated to providing the best care to you and your family. It’s important to look at your individual case and put a plan in place to address the cause, correct it and finally make sure it never happens again.

Getting kids and families health again without drugs or surgery is what we do best. Stop focusing on what is wrong and let us teach you how to build upon what is right with your child.

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