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The hype about CBD (cannabidiol) continues to skyrocket every day. As we learn more and more about the plant and the compound, is it really worth the attention it is getting?

From tinuctures to topicals to vapes and more, CBD can be found almost anywhere these days.  It's getting coverage on the news and in magazines; most are even claiming it to be the "next best thing" and an answer to many of our nation's health care problems.

How can this be true?

Are there any downsides?

How do I know what to buy?

Dr. Cade Copeland and Dr. Benjamin Alter discuss the history, benefits, science and more about organic, full spectrum hemp extract, CBD and the impact on human health.

Episode #94 - Alter Health - Dr. Cade Copeland - CBD is Not a Cure

What are you thoughts / experiences on using CBD?

Dr. Copeland

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