Functional Medicine


Although it is becoming more and more of a common term within the boundaries of the healthcare system, Functional Medicine is still a new term for many. So what is it?

Functional Medicine is the future of healthcare. Quite a bold introduction right? The reason why it is so revolutionary is philosophy behind the care. Take these quote by leaders of this new movement;

“We are humans, yes, but we are really ecological systems. The real importance of this in the future of medicine is in the recognition that it may be possible to treat people and to treat illness by addressing the ecology of the human being rather than just attempting to suppress the disease.” Dr. Leo Galland

“Functional Medicine is common sense medicine. It’s the medicine we thought we were going to learn in medical school. There is a gross mismatch between the medical education system and the healthcare needs of our population. Functional Medicine has to be the medicine of today.” Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

From this, we can understand a few things;


This is supported by Dr. Mark Hyman’s quote, “Health is a state of balance. When your biological systems are out of balance, disease occurs.” Dr. Hyman is a chairmen of the Institute of Functional Medicine and is currently helping the Functional Medicine movement become mainstream by collaborating with the Cleveland Clinic with great success.


The short answer; in a lot of ways! Skipping all the details, here is an overview;

1. Don’t Guess…Test – The goal of delivering the best possible care starts here. LIFEstrength Health Center and Dr. Cade will using cutting-edge testing to find the root cause of your symptoms. There is a comprehensive list below of all the testing we do in our office.

2. “Lifestyle Medicine” – After testing and finding out the “why,” it is now time take action to bring balance back to your system. From supplements and nutrition, to exercise and stress management, or even detoxification and cleansing, this part of care works to remove and repair the reason why you’re not well in the first place. For most, this is the hardest aspect of care (yes, for Dr. Cade too!) because it demands a change in life habits, choices and behaviors. Perfection isn’t required, thank God, but a ready heart and mind are absolutely needed. During your care, Dr. Cade will put together recommendations for your specific case that include the many aspects of your life and health.



Here is a short list of the many tests we perform at the office. Again, the goal is to go beyond the symptoms and find out why they are present in the first place. Many times, where you see or feel the symptom isn’t where the problem is. Click on any of the links to see more info and a sample test.







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