LIFEstrength Health Center Partners with Feather Foot Farms

We met the owner and founder of Feather Foot Farms, Briana Marino, several years ago and have always been amazed at her knowledge and hands-on approach to life. Briana and her husband Greg have always been DIYers at heart, even raising their own chickens and goats on an urban farm in the middle of Naples. But after having their first child, Blake, and having difficulty finding all the safe and chemical free products they desired, the two of them decided to venture into making products on a bigger scale. It was a perfect fit for LIFEstrength to team up with them.

Here is a little about the special powers of the new Feather Foot Farm products;

Charcoal Soap

A smooth blend of hemp milk and essential oils, this soap is an instant hit. The activated charcoal is the main attraction though, as it is the ingredient doing all the dirty work. Activated charcoal adsorbs grease, grime, bacteria and more from your skin to prevent re-absorption and irritation. Adsorption (with a D!) is different than absorption (with a B). The one with a D actually chemically binds and adheres to the stuff you don’t want around anymore, you’re able to permanently detox. This is versus the one with a B, which has more of an affinity or attraction and can easily be broken apart; much like wringing water out of a sponge … under stress they part ways.

– Stuff You Wont Miss– SLS, DEA and Propylene Glycol, fragrances and perfumes and preservatives.


Diaper Rash Cream

While the name may lead you to believe this is only for the little ones, everyone in our household uses it almost daily. From cuts and scrapes, burns, bites, skin reactions and more, this stuff is indispensable. Antibacterial healing properties come from shea butter, coconut and essentials oils, lasting protection with non-nano zinc oxide and cooling from the witch hazel. The real star of the show however, is the bentonite clay. This compound has the ability to draw the sting, pain, and inflammation out of the affected area. When we start to think about what is actually happening with the application of this diaper rash cream, it has the ability to help much more than a diaper rash!

– Stuff You Wont Miss– Petroleum derived ingredients and low-grade antibiotics like Triclosan

Black Drawing Salve

This magical potion has been used in ancestral times and across cultural lines to draw out splinters, glass or other small things that can accidentally get lodged into the skin. Clean the area, use a generous amount and cover with gauze; within a day or two this stuff works wonders. As a reminder, this is a little different than the diaper rash cream in that its sole purpose is to draw; simply get the junk out of the way and allow the body to heal itself. It can be used in conjunction with the rash cream or essential oils blends to improve its effectiveness. There are other black salves made famous through pulling out cancer, skin tags, and moles, but those have more aggressive ingredients like bloodroot and zinc chloride that this formula doesn’t have.


Living in Naples, FL being in the sun is a part of everyday life. Of course, the heat causes our pores to open and the sweat to come through. Commercial sunscreens take advantage of this natural process by escorting in the dangerous chemicals right through the skin. This version negates all of the dangerous chemicals for a convenient and safe package that acts more as a sunblock with the non-nano zinc oxide. Shea butter and beeswax work to moisturize the skin, preventing it from drying out in the sun and accelerating the burning process.

– Stuff You Wont Miss – Synthetic and dangerous active ingredients like octocrylene, homosalate, oxybenzone, avobenzene.

We hope you find these new products as amazing as we do! Each one is made with love and with you in mind; all of the great, healing ingredients straight from nature without any of the synthetic compromises youd find somewhere else. We are fully in stock with Feather Foot Farms latest and greatest and cant wait to hear your feedback.

Learn more about Briana and the Marino family at her website,

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