Reboot & Thrive - Go Beyond the Cleanse

Reboot and Thrive

Join Dr. John Martin and Dr. Carolyn Messere on Tuesday, January 26th at 6 PM and learn how to "go beyond the cleanse."


The talk with be at LIFEstrength Health Center in Naples, FL and tickets are $10.


In this talk you'll learn how to;

- Crucial steps to complete before doing a detox

- Identify the Toxic Top 5

- Surpising body signals that you may be ignoring

- Simple hacks to make a detox last

- How to avoid the dreaded "retoxification!"


Dr. John Martin is a chiropractic physician and Dr. Carolyn Messere is a medical doctor, the two will combine for a comprehensive plan on how to kick off 2019 the right way!

Dr. Copeland

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