Stem Cells - A Medical Miracle?

Stem Cells - A Healing Miracle?

Stem Cells: The Next Medical Miracle?


Stem cells. It would be hard not to have heard of them. They’ve been talked about as the next great medical miracle. And truly the potential for them is pretty amazing.


They have been used to treat any number of medical issues, from arthritis to Crohn’s disease, from back pain to cystic fibrosis. It seems there is no limit to what they can be used to treat.


The results have been quite good. Around 80% of people who are treated with stem cells see significant benefits. That’s significantly better than medications in most applications.


What are they?


Stem cells are cells that have not yet been programmed. They come in a few different varieties. At their earliest stage, they can become any cell in the body - blood, bone, nerve. There aren’t that many of these completely unprogrammed stem cells around though. Most have differentiated out to the ones that make blood cells (hematopoietic) and those that make muscle, bone, nerve, tissue, cartilage (mesenchymal). While there are other types of stem cells, these two are the most common.


Where do we get them from?


While there are clinics that harvest stem cells directly from your own fat or bone marrow, these may not be the best, most effective stem cells. By the time we are over 30, we don’t have that many stem cells and they are old (have already divided many times). Also, in order to harvest these cells and use them, they have to heavily processed and potentially less effective.


We use stem cells that come from umbilical cord and amniotic fluid from healthy birth babies and healthy mothers. The donors are carefully screened and tested before they are frozen for use. These stem cells are young and much more lively than the ones in your own body and have a greater healing potential.


Is there a risk of rejection?


These umbilical cord stem cells do not have antibodies, so there is no risk of rejection. Very rarely people have a reaction to the preservative that is used, which is related to sulfa drugs. That preservative, however, is very safe and causes no adverse effects.


Can stem cells help me?


The only way to know is to have a consultation for your specific needs!  Dr. Carolyn Messere is available for a free consult to see if stems cells are the right option for you.  However, here is a comprehensive list of symptoms that typically respond well to regenerative medicine;


Knee Injuries and Conditions



Hip Injuries and Conditions


Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Injuries and Conditions


Back, Neck, and Disc Injuries and Conditions


Foot and Ankle Injuries and Conditions


Elbow Injuries and Conditions


Call 239-774-5433 to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Carolyn Messere.  LIFEstrength Health Center has teamed up with Lifestyles Healthcare Group in Ft. Myers to deliver superior treatment options for joints with inflammation, degeneration and arthritis.  We’re looking forward to introducing you to the future of medicine and the amazing power of this little cell!

Dr. Messere

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