“VAXXED – From Cover Up to Catastrophe”


“VAXXED – From Cover Up to Catastrophie” After seeing this documentary, it’s hard not to have more questions, more concerns and more interest.

Join us for this special follow up event and live Q&A featuring local health experts;

1. Dr. Brian Thornburg – Thornburg Pediatrics Brian Thornburg, D.O.
2. Dr. Rusty Schlatter – Thornburg Pediatrics http://www.thornburgpediatrics.com/site/
3. Dr. Cade Copeland – LIFEstrength Health Center LIFEstrength Health Center
4. Deb Post, ARNP – Wellbridges Wellbridges,Inc A Practice of Health and Wellness
5. Helen Conroy – Co-Founder of ThinkingMomsRevolution.com & Non-Profit “Team TMR” http://teamtmr.org/
6. Dr. Joel Bohemier – Trinity Chiropractic Trinity Chiropractic

After the panel, we’re opening up the floor to hear some touching stories from parents. We hope to meet you there.

Jill Dixon, founder of the www.cleanlivingconnectioncommunity.com/, will be your MC for the evening. This is a community event, please be ready to respect others in this open environment.

*This is a LOCAL EXPERT PANEL, not the Vaxxed ‘Team.’

Where: Food & Thought
The Gateway of Naples, 2132 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, Florida

When: Monday, September 12th.

Proceeds will be donated to Team TMR, a non-profit that has promised to keep funds for families in SWFL.

VAXXED DVDs will be up for sale at the event at a special price.

In the meantime, you may like to:
1.) View the VAXXED documentary available to you for $3.99 at http://vaxxedthemovie.com/stream/
**NOTE** Streaming Option is ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL SEPT 1st**
2.) Share with your friends, family etc… that would like to know more.
3.) Write your questions down while you view it.
4.) Mark your calenders for Sept 12th, & have “notifications” set in this group so you do not miss details & announcements.
5.) Please select if you will be attending, as we work to estimate attendence & set up the event. TY!

~ PS: If you or your child have been injured due to vaccinations please private message Jill Dixon if you are willing to discuss it. TY.

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