We do not “treat” Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Our goal with any patient is to locate the root cause(s) of the symptoms!

However, since ADHD manifests as a neurological disorder and chiropractic care helps reduce nervous system disturbances, many parents who want a natural, non-drug solution for their child have found chiropractic care helpful, and more often?miraculous!

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Common Symptoms of ADHD

The classic signs that parents and teachers notice:

  • Inattentive and Hyperactive – like a bull in a china shop!
  • Difficulty Concentrating – ?wandering mind, no focus.
  • Lack of Control -?impulsive thoughts and behaviors.
  • Easily Stimulated – noises and motion.
  • Always Moving – fingers, hands, arms, feet or legs.

Try On Your Own First

So many of us know that simple?nutritional and lifestyle changes go a long way for our health. Well, that same thing applies to our kiddos!

Go the extra mile by ruling out environmental factors by reducing your child’s exposure to substances that are increasingly common these days:

  • Eliminate food dyes, preservatives, and additives from the diet.
  • Focus on local &?organic foods. We love Food & Thought, Lucky’s Market and Whole Foods.
  • Determine if an allergy involved such as dairy or gluten. ?You can either follow the elimination diet protocol or utilize our blood testing options.
  • Don’t allow sugars and artificial sweeteners in the same area code as your child!
  • Reduce the use of cleaning agents, detergents, fabric softeners, and other chemicals.

These are wise choices whether your child has the symptoms associated with ADHD or not. Remember, we aren’t treating the symptoms, we’re trying to remove the cause.

Traditional Treatment

Ritalin is a schedule II controlled substance related to, and producing similar effects as, amphetamines and cocaine. The side effects, including personality changes and permanent changes to the brain, has caused many parents to look for safe?alternatives. More and more parents are wisely turning to chiropractic and functional medicine. The artificial approach to controlling symptoms of ADHD is to administer regular doses of methylphenidate. More commonly known as Ritalin.

Chiropractic -?Pure and Natural

Headaches are not the cause of an aspirin deficiency! ?Nor is hyperactivity is not the result of a Ritalin shortage!

Instead, Dr. Cade at LIFEstrength Health Center will look for any and all disturbances to the child’s nervous system. We almost always see problems caused by the spinal distortions in the upper neck.

In fact, this link between the spine, brain-stem dysfunction and ADHD is extremely common. A thorough chiropractic examination can reveal noticeable spinal distortion, even a reversal of the normal neck curvature and structure. With an individualized schedule of safe and natural chiropractic adjustments, these often resolve, reducing and nervous system tension.

Find Out More

As a father to 3 kids, I want the best in all areas of life for my children … I know you are the same way.

If your child exhibits the symptoms of ADHD, you know it affects virtually everyone your child is in contact with. Before you submit to drug therapy, even if you already have used traditional therapy, I encourage you to look past the symptoms and find the root cause.? Make an appointment for a chiropractic evaluation by calling our office today!

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