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LIFEstrength’s Biggest Transformation Yet …

LIFEstrength Health Center has been open for eight years! We’ve gone through some changes over the years, and more than anything else, I’d like to thank you for your continued love and support.

Aug 9th, 2018
Functional Medicine

Although it is becoming more and more of a common term within the boundaries of the healthcare system, Functional Medicine is still a new term for many. So what is it?

Nov 20th, 2017
Happy Thanksgiving

I can’t believe it is that time again! It seems that each year is going by faster and faster as our family grows … it’s a life full of craziness to enjoy. This year, we added a new baby girl into our family, Kai Olivia. We are beyond blessed...

Nov 15th, 2017
LIFEstrength Health Center Partners with Feather Foot Farms

We met the owner and founder of Feather Foot Farms, Briana Marino, several years ago and have always been amazed at her knowledge and hands-on approach to life. Briana and her husband Greg have always been DIYers at heart, even raising their own...

Sep 16th, 2017
Updated Office Hours

We are close to celebrating our 7 year anniversary of LIFEstrength Health Center. In November 2010, with my beautiful and supportive (and scared!) wife by my side, we were eager to open our doors and start serving...

Aug 29th, 2017
Foundation Training

Find how to re-wire your posture and teach your body to move as nature intended with Dr. Cade Copeland and Foundation Training certified instructor, Harry Grimm.

Aug 14th, 2017
Find Help With Colic (naturally)

So, you've got some really bad stomach pain. You have a bit of a headache. Sleep well that is not working out too well because of the pain. Because of all that, you’re not in the best mood. And, to top it off, every time you try and let someone know,...

Jun 27th, 2017

Dr. Cade has changed my life! I began seeing Dr. Cade on Dec. 29, 2016 with severe lower back pain. Through my first consultation we found I had many health issues going on. I then began my journey. Dr. Cade presented me with two plans of action...

Jun 24th, 2017

Modern recommendations have put a focus on convenient and cheap food at all measures. But is it really worth the cost and burden on our health? Come join us and learn the way food ought to be…

Mar 9th, 2017
Beat Ear Infections Naturally

Some estimates say that nearly 80% of our little ones will suffer from an ear infection before the age of 2, and many of them suffering from multiple infections. That’s a lot of pain, frustration and … antibiotics.

Mar 4th, 2017
The Truth About Cancer

Every person that gets cancer never thought that it would happen to them. Join us and world renowned natural physician Dr. Dan Nuzum and learn about cancer causes, prevention and treatment.

Nov 23rd, 2016
Mosquito Control, Zika and You

Important educational event discussing mosquito control using Naled aka Dibrom and the Impact On Your Health in Naples Florida with LIFEstrength Health Center at Genesis Non-GMO Vitamins & More. Be an informed citizen & please watch & share with others...

Oct 27th, 2016