At LIFEstrength Health Center, we take great pride in providing the cutting-edge healthcare to each and every patient. Whether you are looking for pain relief, spinal and/or posture correction, or injury and sickness prevention?for you and?your family, we can help you achieve your health goals.

Viewing health from 10,000 ft, Dr. Cade sticks to these steps day in and day out. ?Its our personal and professional philosophy, lending from functional medicine;


Using leading diagnostic testing and a comprehensive history, Dr. Cade will dig for the root cause of your health concerns. ?A crucial step for those who seek long term resolution. ?Why are you suffering with fibromyalgia? ?Why is the arthritis spreading? ?Why are you having headaches? ?Why is your toddler having re-occuring ear infections? ?What is the cause of my allergies? ?Why am I having trouble sleeping? ?When you understand this simple step, everything about health changes. ?LHC is about the medicine of why. ?Conventional medicine is about the medicine of what; what disease do you have and what drug should I give you. ?After all, does what we call your disease mean anything about you or just the collection of symptoms?


Dr. Cade works to help patients heal themselves. ?Addressing the root cause(s) and the mechanisms, instead of the symptoms and diseases, allows for personalized care for each patient. ?Again, its about regaining real health, not masking it with medications or other treatments. ?Here is an example; the typical conservative treatment of back pain consists of pain relievers, anti-inflammatories, and a muscle relaxer. ?Do those address why the pain is happening? ?Do they promote health in the body? ?Do they have sides effects elsewhere? ?How long will they work for until the problem returns again? ?Dr. Cade insists on restoring lasting health by promoting proper healing and function of all systems in the body. ?A thorough, personalized action plan is made for each individual patient stretching inside and outside the office.


Maybe youve been blessed with outstanding health. ?Maybe youve battled through an illness and are finally feeling normal again. ?Either way, once you are healthy, feeling great, and functioning optimally … lets make sure to keep it that way! ?Dr. Cade is extensively trained in wellness, a trending option that seeks to stay ahead of pain and suffering by promoting overall health. ?LHC is full of patients all ages, from 90+ years old to pregnant mothers and newborns, who are working towards the best version of themselves through safe, gentle, and effective care.

Here are a few reason why people seek care at LIFEstrength Health Center.

WOMENS HEALTH – Hormones. ?Kids. ?Sleep. ?Stress. ?Pregnancy. ?Depression. ?Energy. ?Weight Management. ?Whew, there is a lot to think about as a women these days! ?We offer personalized healthcare for women of all ages and stages of life that is designed to address the underlying issues that may be causing your body distress and dis-ease.

MENS HEALTH – Work. ?Kids. ?Sleep. ?Stress. ?Golf. ?Sex. ?Pain. ?Yard Work. ?Gym. ?Driving. Prostate. ?Ahh! ?I thought men were only supposed to have a few things on their mind? ?From A-Z, we have the solutions to the things men are most concerned with.

PARENTS / CHILDRENS HEALTH – Birth. ?Latching. ?Ear Infections. ?Sleep. ?Colic. ?Weight Gain and Development. Learning Challenges. ?Allergies. ?Antibiotics. ?Pediatricians. ?Food. ?Sports. ? Being a kid in the modern world just isnt what it used to be. ?We offer safe, gentle and natural techniques to that journey with your child through all the milestones of growing up.

CORPORATE WELLNESS – Lower your health insurance costs. ?Reduce sickness and absenteeism. ?Increase staff morale and productivity. ?Reduce turnover and training costs. ?Health is serious business and LHC can help make it a part of your corporate culture with Health Workshops, Shop with the Doc, Nutrition Tasting Events, and Newsletter Programs.

PERFORMANCE – Dr. Cade is committed to bring athletes to their maximum potential. ?Champions arent born, they are made. ?We believe that hard work and the right help can produce a champion, because there is one is all of us.

DETOX AND CLEANSING – A perfect partner to better health, a detox or cleanse can help boost energy levels, immune response, promote weight loss, improve skin color, better digestion and more. ?Dr. Cade can recommend a general cleanse or offer a personalized route via specific testing.

For more information about how Dr. Cade and LIFEstrength Health Center can help you, please contact our office today at 239-774-5433 or email us.

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